Conspiracy IconWhile working on my book Conspiracy Science in 2020, I coined the term conspiratalk as a synonym for conspiracy theory, in the broad sense of the term. In other words, it refers to everything from rumor and speculation to hypotheses and theories, both rational and irrational.

However, this site focuses on rational discussions of conspiracy. Amazingly, I haven’t found a single online forum where rational discussions of conspiratology are allowed.

Then again, this site isn’t really a community forum itself. Rather it’s a personal blog. Though I welcome comments from visitors, no comments can be posted without my approval.

I would love to get some intelligent comments from serious individuals who have their heads screwed on straight. If you’re a little confused, check out my book Conspiracy Science.

I am hoping to turn this site into a community forum eventually. Such a project would require a pool of talent sufficient to energize the forum. I’m not optimistic that it will ever happen, but it is a goal worth pursuing.

In the meantime, enjoy the ride. If you’re thinking of posting a comment(s), you might want to check out my rules.

Conspiracy Science
Is the world ready for the first truthful conspiracy mini-encyclopedia?
What Is Conspiracy?
I excerpted half a dozen chapters from Conspiracy Science to create What Is Conspiracy?, which is a good introduction to conspiracy analysis. It is now available via Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble and will probably be available through Apple Books soon.

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