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David W. Blomstrom

I, David W. Blomstrom, am the webranger. Born in West Dakota, I’ve worked as a wildlife biologist in Alaska and a teacher in the urban wilderness of Seattle. I frequently describe myself as a writer and former teacher turned political activist.

Rather than simply study global conspiracies from a distance, I‘ve actually experienced some amazing conspiracies right here in corporate Seattle, which is the proverbial belly of the beast. I even plotted my own Jew Flu conspiracy when I ran for the office of Washington State Governor in 2020.

My online biography is @ DavidBlomstrom.com. However, the best way to learn about me and my ideas is to explore my books and websites, which are not limited to politix. Home base is Geobop.com.

At the moment, most of my websites are under construction, and I’ve published just one political book, Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy. However, I’m in a period of transition, and things are moving ahead. I will publish several more books this year (2021), and my websites are steadily moving forward.

By the way, you may be wondering why I brag so much about myself and my projects. For example, this website is an online billboard continuously promoting the site as the best on the Internet. Why?

Partly because it’s true. And that’s a really strange thing to think about.

Promoting my projects as #1 is a great way to tweak the bad guys’ collective nose, because they simply can’t compete with me. They have far more money and political power, but I have the truth on my side. That’s another thing to think about.

Thanks for visiting, and remember: don’t let media whores, politicians and strangers tell you what conspiracy is. You need to tell them, and you can back up your arguments with my landmark book Conspiracy Science.

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