So Long, Jew Biden

If you’re new to politix, you may not be aware of Jewarchy, a term I coined to describe the almost unbelievable corruption in the Jewish community.

Don’t feel bad. I was a political activist for a quarter of a century before I took off the blinders and recognized this astonishing state of affairs. If you’re confused, I suggest you visit Politix Pro, which serves as headquarters for my political websites.

Kamala Harris
Will this racist bitch become the first pResident of Jewmerica?

For those who are up to speed, I want to make a prediction.

Jews have been infiltrating the U.S. government to the point where the U.S. is increasingly viewed as a colony of Israel. Donald Trump’s children are married to Jews, and he spent four years catering to the Jews’ every whim.

Obama gave OUR tax dollars to Jews who claimed to be Holohoax…er, Holocaust…victims. Chelsea Clinton is married to a Jewish banker.

pResident Joe Biden may have surpassed even Trump in stacking his administration with Jews. See my website Jew Biden. Team Biden is as scary as it is disgusting.

So here’s my prediction.

As you may know, Biden is seventy-eight years old. His Vice President is Kamala Harris, who is married to a Jew. She is the first woman to serve as Vice President.

So what would happen if Biden died or was physically or mentally incapacitated while in office?

Harris would succeed where Hillary Clinton failed, becoming the first woman U.S. pResident.

She would also become the first pResident married to a Jew. There is evidence that Abraham Lincoln was a Jew. However, his administration wasn’t stacked with Jews, and Israel didn’t even exist at the time.

My prediction is that Biden’s handlers are going to arrange for him to pretend to be afflicted with a physical or mental health problem, opening the door for Kamala Harris to secede Biden. As I understand it, Harris would be allowed to choose her Vice President, who would likely be another Jew. Jew or not, her choice will certainly be a Zionist.

It isn’t really a gutsy prediction. At his age, Biden could actually die before such a plot unfolds.

But isn’t it a little odd that the Democratic Party would nominate someone as old as Biden? In fact, Biden is the oldest person ever to serve as U.S. pResident. The second oldest was Donald Trump, who was seventy when he was inaugurated.

Ronald Reagan was about three weeks shy of his seventieth birthday when he was inaugurated. And it’s no secret that he was going senile while in office.

Go figure.

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