Ukraine Conspiracy?

All wars are conspiratorial by their very nature. But some are more conspiratorial than others; some begin as conspiracies.

At first glance, the war in Ukraine seems glaringly simple: The U.S. military-industrial complex simply pushed too hard, shoving nuclear weapons and new NATO members in Russia’s face. Eventually, Putin decided it was time to put a stop to America’s insane imperialism.

And maybe it is that simple. And maybe it isn’t.

What does Putin mean when he rants about “denazification”? Does he think there are too many NeoNazis in Ukraine, or is he simply calling Ukrainians and their Western backers Nazis as a general insult?

In fact, there appears to be a lot of anti-Jewism in Ukraine—what the Jews deceptively call “antisemitism.” I don’t know how widespread this sentiment is, but I do have a clue about its origins.

Like millions of other Soviet citizens, the Ukrainians were fiercely persecuted by their government. Joseph Stalin killed millions of Ukrainians through mass starvation, an event remembered as the Holodomor.

Actually, it isn’t widely remembered at all outside Ukraine. Most Westerners have probably never even heard of it, because they’re too busy feeling sorry for the Jews. Speaking of which, many people believe the Bolshevik Revolution, which created the Soviet Union, was a Jewish operation.

In plain English, many Ukrainians presumably believe their ancestors were persecuted by the Jews, and Ukrainians who openly criticize Jews are likely characterized by Jewish media whores as NeoNazis.

That might help explain a few odd things, like Putin’s ranting about denazification and that Malaysian airliner that was shot down (allegedly by Russia). Malaysia is a Muslim country, and it is not on good terms with Israel.

And have you noticed that many of the Russian oligarchs that have been getting so much press are Jews? Putin is very close to Israel as well. Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump could have formed a ménage à trois.

Odder still is Ukraine’s president, Zelensky (born Volodymyr Zelenskyy). Did you know he’s a Jew?

So here’s my theory: Israel and its handmaiden, the U.S., wanted to start a war between Russia and Ukraine. So they installed Zelensky as pResident and made a lot of noise about joining NATO, giving Putin an excuse to invade Ukraine.

But why?

Think about the coronavirus pandemic. If, as many people believe, COVID-19 was created in a lab in the U.S. or Israel, then it may have been a plot to knock China off its skyrocketing path to success.

Russia is China’s most powerful ally by far. So hurting Russia would presumably hurt China as well. And Russia is presumably hurting; its military has been humiliated by the Ukrainian resistance, and Western sanctions may have taken an even bigger toll.

Destabilizing the entire region could also impede the western progress of China’s belt and road initiative.

Some might call my conspiracy theory preposterous on the grounds that it could turn into a spectacular failure. It has reportedly strengthened the bonds between China and Russia as well as China’s currency. Even India—China’s mortal enemy—is doing business with Russia.

At the same time, the West is learning that anti-Russian sanctions can backfire. And don’t forget an army of malcontents who are pointing out the cosmic hypocrisy. The U.S. destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, and it’s now posing as the good guy?

In fact, the West’s desperate attempts to bottle up China can probably be characterized as spectacular failures in general. The last I heard, China’s military was still growing at a furious pace, Huawei is still thriving, and countries around the world continue to join China’s belt and road initiative.

Some might shake their heads in disbelief, asking how China could triumph against those clever Jews (assuming the Jews are leading the charge against China).

In fact, this is a reminder that the Jews are not supernatural. The Jewish banker Jacob Schiff financed Japan’s military in its stunning victory over czarist Russia…but the Japanese couldn’t invade Moscow, and the czar never surrendered. So the Jews kept trying until they found the magic ticket—the Bolshevik Revolution.

Which isn’t to say the Jews will triumph over China. On the contrary, the Jewish lobby is suddenly looking very weak, almost comical (think Antony Blinken), against its Eastern adversary.

But the Jews and their American supporters won’t go down without a fight, so stay tuned for more conspiracies…

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